Taxi & Uber

Finding a taxi on arrival or calling a Uber is usually the best option. We do not recommand booking a taxi in advance since any arrival delay might result in an increased cost if you cannot proactively communicate with the taxi company, which might be difficult when travelling or without a french phone number.

Lyon Saint-Exupery airport48 - 64€50 - 55€
Lyon Part-Dieu train station6 - 7€10 - 15€

Public transport

From Lyon Saint-Exupery airport

The RhoneExpress shuttle depart from the Lyon Saint-Exupery airport and arrive at the Gare Part-Dieu Villette train station. The shuttle operate from 5:00am to midnight, and transportation take 30 minutes.

When arriving at Gare Part-Dieu (Villette exit), you will have to traverse to the other side of the train station, (Vivier Merle exit), to get to the metro entrance.

Pricing for the RhoneExpress shuttle is as follow:
  • one person, one way: 15,90 € (if you buy it online: 14,70 €)
  • one person, go and back: 27,50 € (if you buy it online: 25,90 €)

Note that the subway ticket is not included in the RhoneExpress shuttle price, read ahead for subway information.

For uptodate pricing and online reservation, check

From Lyon Part-Dieu train station

Subway entrance is located a few meters in front of the train station main entrance (Vivier-Merle exit). The cost for one ticket is 1,80€, or you might buy 10 tickets for 16,60€.

Once in the subway station, take the B line in the direction of Gare d'Oullins, and get off on the second stop, Saxe-Gambetta.

Public transport map

Getting in the apartment

The apartment building is located 49 cours Gambetta, a few steps from the metro exit: